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Four Star Mary : Welcome Home

Four Star Mary : Welcome HomeBusy, busy indeed. Building the fan base the proper and honourable way, Four Star Mary have grown into real contenders since the release of their debut, Thrown To The Wolves, showing that there really is no substitute for getting out there and doing it.
    With a helping hand in the form of some TV saturation from appearances on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Party Of Five, the band is turning into a really viable unit with a plethora (yup, you read that right amigos . . . a plethora), of songs to choose from - not one of which does them an injustice.

Welcome Home is delivered in much of a similar vein to Wolves, but it's got that edge to it that says things are different now. Delve into the catalogue of times gone by and see how the Kiss debut shapes up to Hotter Than Hell. Check out how all of that generation's second albums are driven by road stories and tales of being away from home. That's where Four Star Mary are right now - on their way to becoming a fully fledged creature of the road.
    Album opener All I See is a rock solid way to start the party and is sure to become a favourite of their live set. Meanwhile, taking up the midpoint of the album, Darker Days, Bleed On and Fall really stand out, with the band displaying much of their new found musical confidence on the excellent Empty.

Overall, Welcome Home is a solid album, and the future must look very rosy from where they're standing right now. I think I've said it before - Four Star Mary have got the songs, the talent and the balls to grab that golden ring right out of the hands of the Goo Goo Dolls, and it's not too late for you to go along for the ride.

:: Sion Smith

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