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Anastacia : Freak Of Nature

Anastacia : Freak Of NatureThe 'rock chick' with the 'rock look' but the voice of a gospel/Motown diva with an attitude problem makes more headway with what is sure to be a lengthy and fantastic career. Personally, I can't get enough of the woman. While she ain't no Sheryl Crow in the songwriting department, it's just that voice that gets me everytime.
    The single, Paid My Dues is typical of the album at large - big chorus, big melodies - and there are easily another half dozen singles that could come from Freak; One Day In Your Life and Freak itself being the likeliest candidates.
    But there's something about Anastacia that sets her apart from the norm. What that is remains to be seen in the coming months and years, but as a casual observer, I think its soul - you know the kind of soul I mean - the kind of soul that got Star Wars made with no cash, the kind of soul that gets a non-league football team through to the FA Cup finals. The kind of soul that says 'I'm doing this because I love it.' That's what shines through in this record. It's something you don't hear very often anymore.

:: Sion Smith

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