311 : Nick Hexum
"The first band that blew my mind were The Clash when I was 13. Every one of their albums I just wore out."

Goldfinger : Darrin Pfeiffer, Brian Arthur
"We can fuck around as much as we want. We'll record one song then go on a Starbucks run."

Grand Theft Parsons : Phil Kaufman
"We actually did drive into the hangar door leaving the airport with the body, I actually did trick the policeman into helping us load the coffin onto the hearse."

Hackett, Steve
"Trousers can be a lethal weapon in the wrong hands . . ."

Ill Niño : Lazaro Pina
". . . we're not trying to be the heaviest band, we're not trying to be a commercial band, we're just trying to be ourselves . . ."

Large Number : Ann Shenton
"I taught myself to fix gear. Only trouble is now I get soldering irons for my birthday."

Matchbook Romance : Judas DePaolo, Ryan Kienle, Aaron Stern
"We've experienced so much more now - so many more emotions than you can ever imagine."

Motion City Soundtrack : Josh Cain, Justin Pierre
"I wanted to make movies more than I wanted to play music and then the band started doing better and better and better, then I thought holy shit; I can make money doing music - fuck movies!"

Murderdolls : Wednesday 13
". . . Not that those guys weren't important, but I wasn't a big Led Zeppelin fan. The Alice Cooper band blew them away in my opinion. They can fuck right off!"

The Nice : Keith Emerson
". . . I may get into trashing instruments again, but the instrument I used to do that on they don't make anymore - so maybe its not such a good idea!"

The Principles Of Lust : Penny Woolcock
"To be honest, I didn't quite realise just how powerful some of the scenes were, and looking back at the film afterwards I was somewhat shocked."

Rickman, Phil
"I want to explore the way that the inexplicable sometimes intrudes into what we think of as real life . . ."

The Station Agent : Tom McCarthy
"It was very similar putting the financing together for this film as it would have been making a film with an African-American in the lead 30 years ago."

Strung Out : Jason Cruz
"What's more American than a fucking gun with a girl holding it?"

Sugarcult : Tim Pagnotta
"We're the only band that can shoot laser beams out of our eyes at each other at a moment's notice because we're so tense . . ."

Tomahawk : Mike Patton
"Videos cost money. We would rather use that money to make more records or pay bands big fat royalty checks or get hookers and steaks."

Turbonegro : Rune Rebellion, Euroboy
"I can feel that there's this certain magic going on when we play. There's a lot of euphoria going on onstage . . ."

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