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Beatsteaks : Smack Smash

Beatsteaks : Smack SmashHello skate fans, and welcome to Germany for this, the First Annual Pro Skater Invitational Punk Tournament. First up we have Beatsteaks with Smack Smash. Now remember, you've got 32 minutes to score as big as you can, so pull out the biggest tricks you've got, ya hear? Bare in mind though, repetition of tricks will see you marked down, and bails will hurt your score. Skater ready? 3-2-1-Go!

Whoa, strong start! Straight in there with the stomping noise of Big Attack, and a sweet little board slide into more of the same with Vision and Ain't Complaining. Sick combo! Okay, pulling a back a bit now, smooth nose grind into a well-performed Hello Joe - that'll be a points scorer - and a nifty little manual into Police/Terrorvision hybrid Hand In Hand. Nice. Whoa! Another two big guns there in the form of Monster and Everything, though the judges might just be sensing a bit of repetition creeping into the run here.
    Okay, bringing the pace down a bit now, mixing things up a touch with a well-handled Idontcareaslongasyousing- that should help their scoring. Ooh, that looked like a bit of a sideways landing, seeing them come uncomfortably close to a bail there during Atomic Love. Still up and running, but they might do well here to turn the heat up again a few degrees. Whoa! That's what I'm talking about - sweet short-sharp Loyal To None there.
    Coming to the end of the run now, could do with a big finish. Building things up nicely now with What's Coming Over You, nervously holding an axle stall there at the top of the ramp. Seconds left now. Here we go! Down the ramp, picking up incredible pace now, bending the knees . . . boom! There you have it, My Revelation. What a finish!

Let's see what the judges made of all that. Some very nice tricks in there, with a few slight slip-ups along the way, but the judges should nevertheless be pretty impressed. Here come the scores now. Ooh, they've just missed out on the gold, but they can be happy enough with having made the podium with what was an admirable effort, with plenty of original touches and an all round infectious energy that makes you suspect we'll be hearing from these kids again. Gnarly!

:: Philip Goodfellow

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