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Covenant : Northern Light
Metropolis Records

Covenant : Northern LightThroughout the years, Covenant have remained a benchmark talent in electronic music. Recognised as being less polished, yet equal to the likes of Depeche Mode, The Sisters Of Mercy and Front 242, the Swedish trio continue to create audio imagery that both stimulates and captivates a listening mind on multiple levels.
    Thus, it is little surprise that their latest release, Northern Light, is another step forward in the dynamics and depth that appeared on last year's more technically driven United States Of Mind.

Earliest moments indicate a close relationship between the two CDs, as fiery opening tracks like Monochrome and the dazzling Call The Ships To Port create an immediate adrenal rush with little time for ambient spatial filler.
    Invisible & Silent reveals a greater depth of character, and is similarly seated in an early Depeche Mode tradition that's both haunting and stirring.
    The majestic portrayal of Winter is more of the same; speaking of solitude in a silent, secluded setting as depicted on the album cover.

There are many acts who've attempted to progress their sound, and retreated in the face of failure. In spite of Covenant's decade and a half history, they still manage to make careful yet considerable advances, in step with modernity but never out of touch with tradition. With Northern Light, Covenant have created a work of digitized greatness, borne of future vision and evocative thought.

:: Vinnie Apicella

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