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Linkin Park : Reanimation
Warner Bros.

Linkin Park : ReanimationFor the uninitiated, Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory album was an awesome release which catapulted the band into the nu metal stratosphere.
    Almost inevitably, the accusations and backbiting soon followed: Did Linkin Park write their own songs? Were they a manufactured band, manipulated by a hidden pop svengali - a nu metal *NSync for a disaffected youth? My opinion: Who cares? A great album is a great album as far as I'm concerned. Period.

While the Park boys are in the studio sorting out Hybrid Theory's proper follow-up, they've slipped out Reanimation - their take on one of rock's most cynical cash-ins - the remix album. Let's face it, there aren't many acts that have pulled this off successfully, and Nine Inch Nails pretty much own this territory.
    Here's where it gets good though: Instead of playing 'look at us, we're a dance act' Linkin Park and friends have just tweaked their source material instead of totally rebuilding it. A new drum loop here, a little less guitar there, exchange a bit of Chester Bennington shouting for some more rapping from Mike Shinoda and guests like Pharoahe Monch. . . By not making the originals unrecognisable, Linkin Park have added new life to the Hybrid Theory set, and made Reanimation a huge success.

    Pts.Of.Athrty is already out as a single and is none too shabby - remix work courtesy of Orgy's Jay Gordon. P5hng Me A*wy and the Joe Hahn reworked Wth>You even manage to improve of the originals, pushing Reanimation firmly into Nine Inch Nails land.
    Ex-Sneaker Pimp Kelli Ali adds vocals to My<Dsmbr (formerly early B-side My December) as does Korn's Jonathan Davis on 1Stp Klosr (you can work that one out for yourself).
    Finally, Krwlng allows Crawling to be what it wanted to be in the first place: The best Savage Garden song never written. With the majority of the heavy stuff stripped out, and added vocals from Staind's Aaron Lewis, the excellence of the songwriting still shines through.

Reanimation once again shows that Linkin Park are blessed with an inate grasp of music that few bands have. When nu metal is dead and gone, I've got a sneaking suspicion that these guys will still be around. Verdict: Reanimation towers over the majority of previous remix efforts. Add this one to you essentials list along with Nine Inch Nails' Further Down The Spiral.

:: Rowan Shaeffer

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