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Nickelback : The Long Road
Roadrunner Records

Nickelback : The Long RoadWhen Nickelback released Silver Side Up, they had an adverse affect on the music industry. Firstly, most major radio stations axed their playlists and became Nickelback FM, then they appeared on every magazine cover loosely related to music.
    Following their global success, bands like The Darkness and Theory Of A Deadman emerged from their slipstream and pulled classic rock back into the mainstream. Now Nickelback have returned, with new album The Long Road.

Although Silver Side Up was hugely successful, it was buoyed by a few standout tracks that were obviously going to be lifted as singles. In contrast, The Long Road has a much tighter feel, and over half the tracks could be used as respectable singles. As such the first single Someday isn't the stand out sore thumb track that How You Remind Me was.
    The mindset of this disc hints at selling as many records as quickly as they can. However, this commercial outlook doesn't spoil the courteous Do This Anymore or the breezy Should've Listened which play on the bands two key strengths; catchy tunes and poised vocals from Chad Kroeger.

Listening to The Long Road is akin to walking up a allegorical long, flat, smooth road with comfortable shoes; although it's slightly tedious there are no ups, downs or inbetweens, and the landscape remains the same, with harmonious choruses that are easy on the ear and which provide shelter for the disgruntled followers of 80s hair music. This may be The Long Road but it's still the easy path - a safe, well-lit, pedestrian route for Nickelback.

:: Paul Newbold

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