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Red Tape : Radioactivist
Roadrunner Records

Red Tape : RadioactivistThere are one-child only Government rules in China, the Middle East is as hostile towards its neighbouring countries as ever, Russia is in a constant state of decay due to failed communism and the stiff British upper lip and an illiterate oil-guzzling cowboy are now deservedly in trouble for their little escapade to find weapons that don't exist. There's certainly enough injustice and wrong-doing in the world to write a lovely piece of social commentary at the moment. Red Tape have grabbed the opportunity by the throat and stuck it to the muppets in charge of our countries with Radioactivist.
    Bitter-sweet riffs, searing melodies and consistently vengeful lyrics are the name of the game. It's safe to say that anyone who isn't interested in current affairs will not enjoy nor truly appreciate this 15 track romp. Those of you who do enjoy your politics obtainable in the form of music rocketed through your ears rather than some boring man in a suit telling you that your tax is about to go through the roof, come in and take a seat.

Political punk remains the oldest branch on the grand oak tree of punk rock, and has been approached in a multitude of ways by a multitude of bands. Last year seasoned goofballs NOFX painted George Bush as a clown before slamming him on the aptly titled The War on Errorism, while Margaret Thatcher received a grappling from the grim reaper on the cover of Death Before Dishonour by brutal Brit veterans The Exploited. Red Tape slide into a category that is neither humorous nor outright heavy, a fresh generation of political rock that relies on a well-thought out delivery rather than two minute blasts of super-dense white noise.

While Radioactivist is a worthy effort, it is inaccessible at times, often relying on its listener to be in a certain mood to take in the non-stop shower of left wing songs. It is a record solely built upon a foundation of anti-propaganda, and in ways Red Tape are a specialist band that will appeal to a niche market rather than a wide base of listeners. But when you are in the 'right mood', or if you are part of this niche market, this record will captivate you. Put it on while reading some Michael Moore and I promise that you will be seriously thinking about overthrowing your Government and putting yourself in charge to give the people something fair.
    Consistent and well-written, Radioactivist will easily keep the socially aware music fan going until the Rock Against Bush compilation hits the shelves in the next couple of months.

:: Graham Drummond

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