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The Beeps :
Music For Awkward Situations

Ilegalia Records

The Beeps : Music For Awkward Situations"This sounds like music to have sex to," pondered my girlfriend, prompting me to instantly turn it up. Alas, she was merely pondering. She did have a point though. In fact, this is music for Special Agents to have sex to. Music For Awkward Situations is the greatest Bond soundtrack that never was, with a hint of Austin Powers sprinkled on top.
    In fact, Music For Awkward Situations offers a soundtrack for the entire day of any smooth and sleazy wannabe shaker-not-stirrer. We'll Keep The Peace is there for the tricky situation with your arch-enemy, Speak Your Mind covers your spell at the roulette table, The Jesus Song is perfect for the high-speed mountain road drive from the casino to the cocktail party, Surfs Up!, Sunflower and Paterson get you boogieing the night away, and Wonderland and Fragile lead you and the lucky lady on your arm through the evening's lava-lamp haze to its 'do not disturb' conclusion, accompanied by Tell Me and Ferns.

Hailing largely from the US, with a Londoner, an Australian and a couple of Argentineans thrown in for good measure, The Beeps are a seven-piece who seem to have appeared perfectly formed and ready to schmooze.
    With honey-coated vocals courtesy of Sue Krush and a lush cocktail of horns, organs, guitars and laid-back drums, Music For Awkward Situations is an album of perfect pop. Though its tongue is firmly in its cheek at times, the album is full of soul and warmth, and the lyrics add to the intriguing complexity of the songs. Nice .  . .

:: Philip Goodfellow

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