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The Detroit Cobras :
Seven Easy Pieces

Rough Trade

The Detroit Cobras : Seven Easy PiecesAnother Detroit garage band? A Detroit garage covers band? I feel that cynicism coming on again . . .
    There's something different going on here though; The Detroit Cobras treat (allegedly) obscure blues standards with a punk ethic. This is R'n'B old style, pure and simple; smoky vocals (courtesy of bluesy firebrand Rachel Nagy), Cramps guitar, clattering drums and a 'don't give a fuck' attitude that we really don't hear enough of these days.
    Didn't think The Bellrays were up to much, but liked the idea of Aretha Franklin fronting The Stooges? Meet The Detroit Cobras . . .

As the name suggests, there are just seven tracks on offer here, and Seven Easy Pieces is about as mini as a mini-album gets, with a running time of less than twenty minutes.
    Those minutes are well spent though; from opener Ya Ya Ya to the Get Smart and I Spy name-checking Secret Agent, to the River Deep, Mountain High on speed of Heartbeat to the sultry blues of Silver And Gold.
    The songs are great, the delivery is authentic and flawless, and The Detroit Cobras sound like the kind of band you really need to see live. Completely convincing and wholly entertaining, which is more than enough for me.

:: Rowan Shaeffer

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