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The Smashing Pumpkins :
Rotten Apples - Greatest Hits
/ Judas O

The Smashing Pumpkins : Rotten Apples - Greatest Hits / Judas ONot that I'm old or anything, but back in the days of Pritt Stick and scissors when I was fanzine editor, I received a demo by The Smashing Pumpkins. I distinctly remember giving it away to somebody who might have a passing interest in what I figued to be another bunch of no-hopers . . . and there were a lot of them back then (and still are).
    History though, had a different plan for Billy and his mates. Quite an incredible one as it happens - one which Rotten Apples does rough justice to. As with all hits albums, there is always something that should have been on there - but then as with most hits albums, if you're worth your salt, you should already have the back catalogue anyway.

So what shape does Apples take then . . . Well, it doesn't take too long for one of their early 'instants' to kick in with Cherub Rock, which has alway been one of their more immediate swingers, but there is also a lot of quality early material skipped over - plumbing instead to opt for the cream of Mellon Collie. Hell, everybody with a brain knows that Mellon is a work of genius, but this album must have been put together by a Hut accountant, for they appear to have bypassed Machina in its entirety along with 90% of everything else you would expect to find.
    The more I listen to Rotten Apples, the more I want to turn it off and go back to the original catalogue. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that's exactly how it will make you feel as well . . . and as for the accompanying Judas O CD; no comment. For such a seminal band as The Smashing Pumpkins, Rotten Apples is a bit rubbish really . . .

:: Sion Smith

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