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Theory Of A Deadman :
Theory Of A Deadman


Theory Of A Deadman : Theory Of A DeadmanHere's some Theory Of A Deadman trivia for you: Singer/guitarist Tyler Connolly passed Theory Of A Deadman's demo to Nickelback's Chad Kroeger at a party in Vancouver. Theory Of A Deadman are signed to Kroeger's own label, 604 Records. Connolly contributed guitar to Kroeger's solo hit Hero. This CD was co-produced by the Nickelback frontman. Over half the songs here were co-written by Chad Kroeger, including the lyrics.
    Is there anyone left reading who has any doubt about how Theory Of A Deadman sound? We're not just talking 'like' Nickelback; what we've got here could actually be The State-era Nickelback, down to the finest detail. A Nickelback-lite if you will.

There are some good songs here; Invisible Man from the Spider-Man soundtrack, Point To Prove, Say I'm Sorry . . . and of course the US single Nothing Could Come Between Us. The trouble is that when I listen to them I'm not appreciating the music. I'm asking myself if that really is Kroeger on backing vocals, cause it sure sounds like him, and marveling at the Nickelback-esque song structures . . . it's enough to drive you potty.
    Chad Kroeger could be the most down-to-earth guy in the world for all I know, but this CD reeks of ego. Theory Of A Deadman are The Rutles to Kroeger's Beatles - but nowhere near as funny.

:: Rowan Shaeffer

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