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Various : Freddy vs. Jason
Roadrunner Records

Various : Freddy vs. JasonOf all the soundtrack albums I've heard this year. this is the one that's been holding the surprises. I've not seen the movie yet, but maybe I should - there's something about it that's quite alluring, and despite the fact that it all sounds a bit ropey in principle, it's more than held its own at the US Box Office and is doing okay here too . . . which will do the guys on the soundtrack no harm at all.

First up, the mighty Ill Niño with How Can I Live. Relative newcomers to the big stage, these guys can take an arena apart at 20 paces. Their new album is really something (due out late September with a tour to match), and shows just how much they've moved on since their debut. How Can I Live is easily one of the best tasters of what is to come from the band and also the best way to open Freddy vs. Jason. No doubt about it, Ill Niño are going to be huge.
    Two other bands that make a soundtrack album something more than just a collection of tunes are Murderdolls and Powerman 5000. Murderdolls air their epic Welcome To The Strange whilst Powerman wield Bombshell around. Both great, heavy tunes with enough melody behind them to make repeat listenings and investment in their albums a must. We don't hear enough of these two on soundtrack albums, which is a shame because their songs are tailor made.
    Also surprising me - in a good way - are Mushroomhead and Spineshank. A couple of bands that have always looked interesting but never quite did enough to warrant further investigation - until now. Good tunes from both. Spineshank deliver Beginning Of The End which is a real brutal affair, while Mushroomhead show the world that they really aren't just a bunch of Slipknot rejects with Sun Doesn't Rise.

As with any soundtrack, there are also the filler tracks. Sadly though, those filler tracks come from Sepultura with Mike Patton, Type O Negative and Sevendust - all of whom are capable of better, but then with it being a soundtrack compilation, I guess they didn't have much choice, so no hard feelings.
    There's also Slipknot, Stone Sour and a host of others on here, so there's something for everyone. Nice packaging, good bands, maybe even a good movie.

:: Sion Smith

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