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Various : Mullets Rock!
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Various : Mullets Rock! The mullet - also known as 'the 10-90', 'the beaver paddle', 'the ape drape', 'the Camaro pelt' and . . . 'the Canadian passport'? These, among many others, are just a few of the amazing discoveries you'll make on this latest 35-track trip through ol' school dreams and adult life damnation. 'Kentucky waterfall'? The list is endless and is a real crack up by the time you arrive at the end and realise the resourcefulness or severe retardation that must've been behind it.
    One question; are U2 simply too cool now to make this list? I think Bono's was busting out all over back in the War days, right? Oh, but wait, are we only talking day in the sun, dead and buried types for consideration here? Loverboy and Electric Light Orchestra notwithstanding, there's an exemplary display of yesterday's denim-era holdovers lighting it up for a new generation of . . . we'll call 'em 'undecideds' to play it safe.

For all the scorn flung towards the mullet and its associated lifestyle, there was some timeless music happening back then - and to be honest, the accusations of mullethood applies to barely half of these noteworthy participants. I mean, can you imagine the guys in ELO with mullets? Deep Purple? Wait, but there's Rick Derringer; didn't he sport one back in his prime? Did he even have a prime? Did he have a beard? Then again does anyone care about Rick Derringer's haircut or personal grooming habits in the first place?
    Alas, this collection is out to prove that the mullet look is not simply a look, but an entire lifestyle that has seeped well beyond its commonly known trailer park populous. It's a safe mode of haircut that the 40-somethings might still get away with portraying for a poker night, or weekend of bowling and beer kegs with Barry and his NHL buddies.

Where Mullets Rock! differs from the legions of existing classic rock and outlaw anthem collections, is in that it addition to the more obvious Brownsville Station and The Doobie Brothers, it doesn't consider itself too cool to include the likes of Billy Squier, Loverboy, Rick Derringer, and Toto. So following on the unlikely momentum fostered by last spring's Joe Dirt flick, the mullet is granted its due, not only for the old guard, but also for the newly initiated and unashamed wearers of the haircut that time forgot.

:: Vinnie Apicella

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