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Intersection - Car Culture
Vision On

Intersection - Car CultureThe very idea is ludicrous . . . but it just might work! Imagine, a big badass book to launch a magazine. Intersection - the magazine - launches in the spring, and amongst a host of other subliminal subtexts, is about car culture. But as with all things from the Dazed & Confused team, it's so much more.
    Intersection (Issue 0 as the book is known) is very retro and I dare say will not be to everyone's taste. That's as it should be, but every step of the way it is absolutely captivating, and as a fly on the wall commentary on the global phenomenon of the motor vehicle, it's a real eye opener.

Lost Wages USA is surely the greatest feature idea in the history of magazines, but frankly, to find that a 35 year old doorman in Las Vegas can earn $80,000 a year, drives a Range Rover, but also has a Lotus Esprit, scares me! I mean . . . how hard can being a doorman be! It's not exactly rocket science is it?
    Intersection is full of nuggets like this, but they have a point. Cars are indeed our mobile living rooms - for some maybe even bathroom and kitchen. I once lived in a Ford Capri for a couple of months, so I know where they're coming from. Intersection is a pretty classy and ambitious project. It's definitely a sign of the times and has every shot at being as much a car magazine for women as men.
    Photography wise, there are some fantastic shots of our dearly beloveds, but I wouldn't expect anything else from Vision On. Stylistically, like I said, it won't ring everyone's bell, but you'll be missing out if you don't at least check it out on launch. Oh yeah . . . buy this book. Even if it's just to be cool. Ain't that the only reason for buying anything anyway?

:: Sion Smith

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