The Best Of Backyard Wrestling 2counterculture teamed up with Revolver Entertainment to give away six copies of their new DVD and VHS video, The Best Of Backyard Wrestling 2, released in the UK on 30 June.
    The Best Of Backyard Wrestling 2 features death defying, no holds barred fight clubs caught on tape. One of the most controversial videos ever released in Britain, backyard wrestling has rocked and shocked the nation.

We asked the question, which professional wrestler played the part of Bonesaw McGraw in the Spiderman movie? The answer was 'Macho Man' Randy Savage, and the first six winners out of the counterculture hat were: Chris Hendry from Accrington, Justin Sheppard from Chiddingstone, Dominic Keel from Hull, John Thompson from Worcester, William Wallace from Morpeth and Chris Elliott from Stockport.

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