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The Bikini Bandits Experience
Revolver Entertainment

The Bikini Bandits ExperienceFreeze motherfuckers! Tits. Tits and muscle cars. Tits, muscle cars and automatic weapons. Hard to go wrong. If we inhabited the same parallel universe in which Russ Meyer directed Mad Max and Peaches had number one albums, The Bikini Bandits Experience could have been a movie of the year. As it is, B-movie slips to C-movie slips to losely connected segments interspersed with unrelated skits, spoof advertising and crap animation. So even by ironic B-movie standards The Bikini Bandits Experience is deeply poor, but it does have a number of redeeming features that raise it above the likes of The Rollerblade Seven.
    First off; the late, great Dee Dee Ramone briefly fighting the forces of evil as Pope Ramone. Gotta love that. Tool's Maynard James Keenan as an S&M Satan. Nice. Quality dialogue: "Welcome to Hell, Pope!" "Fuck you Satan!" Hollywood fallen star Cory Feldman sending himself up for no apparent reason and - wait for it - a gaggle of pistol-totin' bikini-clad babes draped over vintage American big block street machines. Y'see it's not all negative . . .

While the concept behind The Bikini Bandits Experience is flawless, what little is on offer here has been stretched thinner than a bulemic Rizzla, and consequently this 50 minute feature is 40 minutes too long. Now, if someone was to try this on a decent budget - y'know, more than the change you have in your pocket - then we might be talking.

:: Rowan Shaeffer

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