2003: Albums Of The Year
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Steve Hackett :
To Watch The Storms



His best album to date. More complete than anything that came before and proof that, like a good wine, a quality musician only gets better with age.

Steve Hackett : To Watch The Storms

Evan Dando : Baby I'm Bored


The return of the king: As he did time after time with The Lemonheads, Evan Dando proves once again that there really is no substitute for a great voice and a bunch of fantastic songs. Wonderful . . .

Evan Dando : Baby I'm Bored

Finger Eleven : Finger Eleven


A more considered and assured approach this time around; album number three from Canadian post grungers Finger Eleven is a real winner.

Finger Eleven : Finger Eleven

Michael McDonald : Motown
Universal Music TV


With his seventh solo album, Michael McDonald pays tribute to the glory days of Motown, and in the process puts a distinctive spin on classic Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye tracks.

Michael McDonald : Motown

Capture The Flag :
Start From Scratch

Go-Kart Records


Hard rock and punk with AC/DC style simplicity that all comes together for a high-powered and catchy record that you can sing along with or crash your car to. High impact.

Luke Slater : Alright On Top

The Mars Volta :
De-Loused In The Comatorium



The band which rose from the ashes of At The Drive-In deliver an album of loud Latin experimentation and chaotic muso workouts. Hendrix meets Santana, topped off with sky-scraping vocals.

The Mars Volta : De-Loused In The Comatorium

The Network :
Money Money 2020



Featuring masked mayhem from some of punk's biggest names, The Network aren't to be missed. With an 80s influenced blend of punk and electro-pop, Money Money 2020 breathes fresh air into a stagnant scene.

The Network : Money Money 2020

Grandaddy : Sumday
V2 Records


Jason Lytle's small-town lyrical genius is finally married to a selection of seemingly effortless pop songs, and Grandaddy put out what is surely their most consistent and accessible album yet.

Bella Morte : The Quiet

Damien Rice : O
East West


Just when you start to think that the 'one man and his guitar' brand of music making must surely be on its last legs, along comes Damien Rice. Utterly sublime . . .

Damien Rice : O

The Cooper Temple Clause :
Kick Up The Fire, And Let
The Flames Break Loose

Morning Records


After the high point of their first album, nerves were on edge waiting to see if they could do it again. And they did. This is a dynamic, creative force to be reckoned with. Buy it.

Queens Of The Stone Age : Songs For The Deaf
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