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Astoria, London : 15.4.2002

Opening for Adema was local band Skindred who provided a good warming up session for both the main band and Soil who were also a part of the tour. Skindred, who combine the vocal style of dancehall reggae with nu-metal riffs, prove that their long awaited, soon-to-be-released album will be worth waiting for. Having improved since the last time I saw them, they showed that they are fully capable of moving most crowd moshers with their heavy beats and loud, roaring vocals.

Soil - Click to enlargeHowever, once Soil stepped out the crowd sharply responded with full on moshing and crowd surfing to tracks from their latest album such as Breaking Me Down. Complete with a 1950s style silver microphone to growl into, vocalist Ryan McCombs treated the crowd to a rap-free set while praising the crowd. During Halo, Adema announced their presence by decorating the stage with fresh toilet rolls, letting us know that they were enjoying themselves just as much as the crowd were.

Adema - Click to enlargeWhen Adema stepped onstage, I couldn't help but notice that not only did vocalist Mark Chavez use the same croaky vocals as older half-brother [and Korn vocalist] Jonathan Davis, but also kept the microphone firmly locked in both hands and close to his mouth, as if he was confiding in it.
    Jumping straight into catchy songs Everyone and Do What You Want To Do, Adema are the nu-age, nu-metal, boyband. With their boyish, youthful looks, colourful tattoos and clean cut, sparkling key chains and metal plated belts it is easy to see how Adema can appeal to teenagers in more ways than just through their music. However, it can also be said that Adema are not just following in Korn's footsteps as they carry their own presence and style, even if it may not seem totally original. For sure they have the potential to reach a new audience. As for how long; that remains to be seen.
    Adema carry themselves onstage clearly and confidently, even if Mark's vocals do promote a sense of déjà vu. As they conclude the show with singles The Way You Like It, Giving In and some rare tracks, Soil reappear to pay their tour mates back by throwing slices of bread all over the stage.

:: Ben Lewis

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