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Avril Lavigne
Astoria, London : 22.11.2002

Avril Lavigne - Click to enlargeThe striking thing about Avril Lavigne is that although she's only 17, she is extremely talented . . . and cute too!
    Opening for Avril was the Brit-based ska-punk band Whitmore, who played tracks from their recently released Smoke The Roach album, including included On The Ceiling and Closing Doors. As a support band Whitmore prove that they are a strong enough band to carry their own shows and are worth looking out for.

However, the night belongs to Avril - now well known radio favourite with the hit single Complicated. Wasting no time, Avril and her band members (all looking a few years older then her) come onto the stage playing the new single Sk8er Boi.

Avril Lavigne - Click to enlargeFrom the second that she steps out and sings, there's clear evidence that Lavigne is well and truly capable of carry her own live gigs. She's on stage jumping hyperactively while singing, then she's making her way into the crowd to interact with the audience. Moving on to play Nobody's Fool and Losing Grip, Avril continues to show the crowd that she is no stranger to live shows, displaying both charisma and a promising talent.
    Avril succeeds in getting a suitable response from the audience to match the style and expression with each song, even when she suggests it would be a good idea for us to disrobe for Naked. The tracks - which are taken from her album Let Go - are a mixture of fast and catchy rock anthems and slow emotional ballads.

After performing Tomorrow for the encore, Lavigne and the band ask the crowd to suggest what to play next. This leads to them unpredictably recreating - in a fun and enjoyable way - System Of A Down's Chop Suey!. The final song, Things I'll Never Say, ends the show on a positive note.

:: Ben Lewis

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