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Scala, London : 11.6.2003

FlintAfter spending well over a decade in The Prodigy, one of Britain's biggest dance bands, co-vocalist Keith Flint is now fronting his own band who just happen to be called Flint. Only last summer Keith was touring with The Prodigy, and proved that the band are not to be forgotten with a headline set at last year's Reading Festival.
    This show also happens to be Flint's first official gig, at a club with capacity of a mere 500. Minutes before the show starts, Keith Flint is seen wondering around between the stage and bar with an extremely attractive lass. The band is made up of Keith on vocals, Prodigy live drummer Kieron Pepper, Tony Howlett (no relation to The Prodigy's Liam) also on drums, live Prodigy (and former Pitchshifter) guitarist Jim Davies and bassist Rob Holliday.

FlintKicking off with the charging tracks Asteroids, Piggy and Vacation, frontman Keith proves that without The Prodigy he still has a lot to offer, and with this band he sounds as raw as ever. One of Keith's strong points is that in addition to his singing, he is able to also express himself with his body by hyperactively charging around on stage, interacting with the audience. Keith also manages to make the crowd a part of the show by constantly focussing on the dozens on fans as they enjoy the show.
    Any comparisons to The Prodigy would be unfair due to the fact that where as The Prodigy are a band who have shifted between dance genres, Flint is simply a highly charged Brit flavoured punk rock band. As they continue with tracks such as the current single Aim 4 and Razor (the original version of The Prodigy's Baby's Got A Temper), the audience demand more and get it in the form of a live rockier version of Marilyn Manson's Mobscene to finish.

:: Ben Lewis

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