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Wembley Arena, London : 28.11.2002

Moby - Click to enlargeIt's been two years since Moby last played at Wembley Arena. Since then he's had anther hit album with 18 and has won critical acclaim by critics for both 18 and previous album Play.
    Tonight, opening for Moby was the appropriate and surprising Lamb. Fronted by the stunning Louise Rhodes, whose angelic vocals add to the band's presence and sound, their setlist included songs such as the jazzy Heaven, Gabrielle and One; all taken from their third album What Sound. Lamb excelled in their opening slot; waking up the audience and preparing them for the rest of the evening.

Introduced by the instrumental 18, Moby and band appear performing Extreme Ways, complete with an orchestra, a female vocalist, a bass player and a DJ.
    The hyper-driven Moby runs around the stage while singing through a list of songs including Go and his updated version of the James Bond Theme. This reminds the crowd of how long he has been around for and at the same time makes it clear that he is not going away just yet.

Moby - Click to enlargeAt one point Moby does an impression of an 80s rock star while playing a 45 second solo on his electric guitar. At another point, during Jam For The Ladies, he challenges his DJ to a scratching contest while he and the rest of the band wear huge afro wigs.
    Throughout the show we see just how versatile and established Moby is, with songs that vary from fast-paced techno to laid back, hazy songs such as Southside and Natural Blues.
    What adds to the live experience is the fact that all the different influences for his songs are brought to the stage by his talented touring band made up of musicians from disparate genres, who none the less perform together beautifully as one live unit.

For the encore, Moby continues to please the crowd by playing a mellower version of Porcelain backed with only his own electric guitar and one of the violinists from the orchestra. Last but not least is the dance track Feeling So Real, to which the standing crowd show how 'real' they are feeling by showing how much they are still able to jump after a long, vibrant and energetic show.

:: Ben Lewis

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