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Marquee, London : 16.10.2002

Being a new venue, the Marquee looks set to be a stylish, arty, laid back standing ground for many sweaty moshing gigs and loud nights out. This night however was especially set up for Mushroomhead. By now Mushroomhead have already made quite an impact on the music scene. Part of the reason is due to unfairly being compared to Slipknot, due to both bands wearing masks.

Opening bands Fallen To and Murder One provide good warm up listening, with Fallen To showing that they are one of a long line of rising nu-metal bands that can provide loud vocals along with sharp riffs just as good as Limp Bizkit. Murder One however go one step further to provide a thrashier raw sound with deeper vocals.
    Possibly due to only three bands being listed for tonight's show, by the time rising band Ellis (who I first saw at a previous Lenny Kravitz concert, then got to interview at Reading 2002) stepped on stage, many were expecting the headline act. Ellis actually managed to live up to the crowd's expectations though. With songs such as D.O.A., Stalker and Limp. Making more of an impact with each show, Ellis prove once again that they are a band to keep an eye on, as it is only a matter of time before they get a record deal.

Mushroomhead first appear wearing what appear to be pumpkin masks, playing tracks The Wrist and Before I Die before removing the masks, only to reveal their now familiar individual headwear. By now it would appear that the band clearly need a bigger venue to perform in, as each band member has a haunting element to contribute. Co-vocalist J Mann manages to give a few speeches about staying true and also about their opinion on the current state of politics back home in the US.
    With their creepy and striking tracks - including Solitaire Unraveling - Mushroomhead prove that they are easily capable of creating a soundtrack to what could be the scariest horror film ever. Finishing with Born Of Desire, the show then ends, leaving fans to realise that in bigger venues, there would be plenty of room for improvement for Mushroomhead's future tours.

:: Ben Lewis

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