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The Banner : Your Murder Mixtape
Brightside Records / Blackout! Records

The Beeps : Music For Awkward Situations
Ilegalia Records

The BellRays : The Red, White & Black

Bell X1 : Music In Mouth
Universal Island Records

The Black Crowes : Live

Frank Black And The Catholics : Show Me Your Tears
Cooking Vinyl

Black Label Society : 1919: Eternal
Spitfire Records

Black Label Society : Hangover Music Vol. 6
Spitfire Records

Blink-182 : Blink-182

Blondie : Greatest Hits

Blur : Think Tank

Border Crossing : Ominous

Boss Martians : The Set-Up
MuSick Recordings

Bowie, David : Heathen
ISO / Columbia

Box Car Racer : Box Car Racer

Bozulich, Carla : I'm Gonna Stop Killing
DiCristina Stair Builders

BT : Emotional Technology

Budapest : Too Blind To Hear
Easy St

The 'Burn : Sally O'Mattress

The Business : Hardcore Hooligan
Buring Heart

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