2002: Albums Of The Year
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Our Lady Peace : Gravity


Outside of their native Canada, one of rock's best kept secrets. A great album from one of the most talented bands around today.

Our Lady Peace : Gravity

Hoobastank : Hoobastank


The yanks got this is 2001, but we had to wait 'til this year. Hoobastank may not be offering anything new, but their Faith No More-influenced radio rock is hugely effective.

Hoobastank : Hoobastank

Avril Lavigne : Let Go


More hooks than Rocky vs Apollo, a great voice and an attitude that will take her all the way. Whether she's the real deal or just well styled, you can't argue with this.

Avril Lavigne : Let Go

Rotting Christ : Genesis
Century Media


Not for the faint of heart, but if you like your metal black then the explosive subject matter, explosive production and explosive performance on Genesis will leave you giddy.

Rotting Christ : Genesis

Luke Slater : Alright On Top


It shouldn't work, but somehow it does. Slater's 80s influenced techno tips its hat to Kraftwerk, The Human League and Gary Numan, yet sounds wholly modern.

Luke Slater : Alright On Top

The Cooper Temple Clause :
See This Through And Leave



Touted as the saviors of British rock earlier this year, See This Through And Leave is the sound of Primal Scream meeting Hawkwind, and a whole lot more besides.

The Cooper Temple Clause : See This Through And Leave

Santana : Shaman


Continuing the career rejuvenation he started with his last album, the star-studded Shaman has Supernatural style.

Santana : Shaman

Bella Morte : The Quiet


Black Celebration-era Depeche Mode via Cabaret Voltaire, Morrissey and the Voodoo Glow Skulls - an impossibly visionary alliance pitched firmy below the pop mainstream.

Bella Morte : The Quiet

The Calling : Camino Palmero


From the same mould as Creed and Matchbox Twenty, Camino Palmero is full of fantastic radio-friendly tunes with a vocal to die for.

The Calling : Camino Palmero

Queens Of The Stone Age :
Songs For The Deaf

Interscope Records


Stoner rock gone mad or genius on a knife-edge? Probably both, but great solid craftsmanship whichever way you look at it.

Queens Of The Stone Age : Songs For The Deaf
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