2002: Albums Of The Year
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While no means a vintage year, 2002 has spawned enough musical gems to keep the counterculture team arguing about what should make the list. Democracy seemed the only way forward . . .
    For the record, we could have filled up another couple of pages with all the albums that didn't measure up (please stand up The Datsuns, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Jones), and the stack of great singles over the last twelve months (Sugababes, The Vines, Eminem), but we decided to keep it short and sweet. On with the show:

Hundred Reasons :
Ideas Above Our Station



Equal parts emo, post-hardcore and punk, Hundred Reasons have put together one of the best debut CDs is recent memory . . . and they're British too!

Hundred Reasons : Ideas Above Our Station

David Bowie : Heathen
ISO / Columbia


We all knew he still had it in him, but this time he's proven it. Flawed genius is hard to resist, and Heathen is just that.

David Bowie : Heathen

Foo Fighters : One By One
Roswell Records / RCA


The Foo Fighters keep on putting them out there, and they're increasingly difficult to fault. One By One proves once and for all that they're masters of their game.

Foo Fighters : One By One

Coldplay :
A Rush Of Blood To The Head



Is there anything left to say about how good this is? The majority of bands never record an album of this quality. Coldplay have now done it twice.

Coldplay : A Rush Of Blood To The Head

Robert Plant : Dreamland


The ex-Led Zeppelin frontman tries his hand at some of favourite songs to enchanting effect. Darkness, Darkness and One More Cup Of Coffee are just two of the highlights.

Robert Plant : Dreamland

Korn : Untouchables


Their legacy was always assured, but this surprisingly inventive CD illustrates that Korn can still mix it with the metal new blood.

Korn : Untouchables

The Free Association :
David Holmes Presents
The Free Association

13 Amp


Twisting together big beat, funk, soul and fucked-up hip-hop, The Free Association is another winner for DJ David Holmes.

The Free Association : David Holmes Presents The Free Association

Doves : The Last Broadcast


Doves sprawling soundscape proves that UK indie still has a few tricks up its sleeve. The Last Broadcast is prog rock for the new millennium.

Doves : The Last Broadcast

Shakira : Laundry Service


At last, a woman with the balls to put her ass on the line and come up with the most orignal rock/pop album of the year. Some people are control freaks for a reason.

Shakira : Laundry Service

Crazy Town : Darkhorse


They may be perceived as also-rans, but Crazy Town have given the critics the finger with this assured and impressive comeback disc.

Crazy Town : Darkhorse
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